Our services

We are heavily experienced in delivery of facilities in all sizes, both on land and on water. We deliver to customers such as wellboats, fishing vessels, aquaculture industry, general salmon slaughteries and waterworks.

Our customers are mostly based in Norway, but we also work a lot in Chile, Scotland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and more.

Our small organization will give you a personalised experience at a better price.


Design and engineering of own and external projects within automation and process.

Preparation of documentation for quotes, calculations, specifications etc.

We also have extensive experience in selecting equipment for harsh environments.


Drawing of switchboars for industrial automation with layout, wiring diagram and cable lists.

Basis for control programs and screen-based solutions.

User manuals and guides.

Control cabinet

At our own workshop, we build everything from small boxes to large sections of switchboards.

We have extensive experience with control cabinets for use in the food industry, and also tough environments.

We can also be creative when it comes to solutions out of the ordinary.


Programming of PLC, HMI, inverters, alarm systems, and more

We handle most known brands on request.


Troubleshooting, periodic service, replacement of components, upgrades, rebuilds etc.


We deliver all equipment and components for most applications on land and on water.

We specialize in equipment for harsh conditions, such as well boats, fishing boats, factories, slaughterhouses, aquaculture and more.